Whey Protein will make you Gain Weight 

Whey Protein WILL NOT make you gain weight or bulk up. Consuming too much of any food however or consuming more calories than your body needs WILL result in weight gain. Incorporating whey protein into your diet correctly will contribute to healthy, lean muscle mass. Simply take your whey protein at the recommended dosage an hour before or straight after you workout.


Whey Protein is High in Fat and Carbohydrates

If you choose the right whey protein this is not the case, always check the ingredients before you buy. Limitless Empower Natural Whey Protein Blend is a low fat, low carb blend containing only 3g fat and 5g carbohydrate per serve.


Having a High Protein Diet will Cause Health Issues 

There is no conclusive evidence that consuming too much protein will negatively impact your health. Common concerns surrounding a high protein diet are that it can cause kidney damage, liver damage and osteoporosis.

Let's debunk the myths:

  • Your kidneys and liver are both important processing organs. As long as they are both functioning properly your body will be able to utilise the nutrients of whey protein and it will not cause kidney or liver damage. If you have existing kidney or liver problems however then you should consult your doctor on your recommended protein intake.
  • A high protein diet will not cause osteoporosis. In fact as a large portion of your bones are made up of protein, consuming more increases your bone density therefore may even prevent osteoporosis. 


Protein Powder is only for Bodybuilders

Whey Protein is beneficial to anyone who exercises regularly not just bodybuilders. Protein is essential to repair and rebuild your muscles, this doesn't mean it will turn you into the hulk! Our Empower Natural Whey Protein Blend contains amino acids that are essential to anybody's daily diet plus help to boost your immune system.


Whey Protein is Not Natural

Whey Protein comes from cows milk which is all natural, some whey proteins however do have added flavours, fillers and bulking agents. Luckily we have you covered with our Empower Natural Whey Protein Blend. Our whey protein is sourced from 100% New Zealand grass fed cows with natural flavour, colour and sweetener.