Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

How frustrating is stubborn belly fat?! Your fitness journey may be going so well then all of a sudden you plateau and can’t get rid of that relentless belly fat. Some fat cells in your body are more resistant to being burned and these so happen to be around you stomach, hips and thighs - not ideal. In better news we have some tips to help you beat the belly fat! 

Understanding Stubborn Fat

Body fat contains alpha and beta receptors. Areas such as your chest and arms are high in beta receptors which makes it easier to lose fat here and see results fast. Areas with stubborn body fat are higher in alpha receptors and therefore have less blood flow than average body fat. This means it is more difficult to get that fat into the bloodstream and be turned into energy.

Losing your stubborn body fat definitely requires more effort and patience but can be done!

Top Tips to Lose Stubborn Fat:

  • Know that there are no specific exercises that will help you lose belly fat. Although it may seem logical, no amount of ab workouts will magically make you lose body fat around your stomach, it is much more complex.
  • Exercise! This is a pretty obvious one. Keep your body moving! Look into the way you are exercising, anything that is cardio intensive is more helpful at getting rid of that belly fat, especially high intensity interval training! HIIT helps insulin sensitivity which helps to boost weight loss.   
  • Training in a ‘fasted’ state can help to lose that stubborn body fat faster. A fasted state is when your body has finished processing food and your insulin levels have dropped. Blood flow in your belly is increased during this time therefore easier to burn off that stubborn fat.
  • Take a look at your diet. Eat lots of protein, it not only fills you up for longer it can help against insulin resistance. To lose that stubborn fat you want to be consuming less calories and burning more to achieve a calorie deficit. Here are some ways to achieve a healthy calorie deficit:  
    • Cut back on your snacking throughout the day and your portion sizes.
    • Make sure you are still fueling your body correctly. The more you exercise the more calories you will need to consume.
    • Work towards a sustainable, healthy calorie deficit, this may be only 150-200 calories per day. Although this means it may take slightly longer to get rid of that belly fat it means you won’t risk malnourishing your body.

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