How to build a booty

Our friends, The Heavy Lifting Hippies, share their secrets to building a bigger, firmer booty!  
- Advice from Awhina Matthews-Egnot, Personal Trainer at Heavy Lifting Hippies

Bum, Peach, Ass, Booty, Butt, whatever you call it, thanks to the Kardashians and Instagram Fitspo Chicks, a big butt is currently the most fashionable item to have! Not everyone is blessed with a big, round, behind, so how can you go from 'Pancake Butt' to 'Perky  Peach'? 

Step 1 - Activation and Mobility 

You could have the best training programme in the world BUT if you can't feel your BUTT, it will not grow!!!!


This is commonly due to poor muscle activation (the glutes not working) or poor mobility (can't get the range needed eg. ass to grass on a squat). 


To get bang-for-buck when training and create a head-turning booty, start every session with mobility drills, followed by glute activation. This will also reduce any knee and back pain you may experience.


Gives these ones a go - 



1 - Couch Stretch

2 - Pancake Stretch

3 - Mobility Mountain Climbers

3 x 1 minute of each



1 - Lateral Monster Walks (band around ankles, feet facing forwards, pushing knees out) 

2 - Banded Glute Bridges (band around top of knees, focusing on pushing your knees out)

3 - Clamshells 

2 - 3 sets of 20 reps

Step 2 -  Exercise Selection and Rep Range 


A MASSIVE mistake I see with ladies is they are following a programme with too higher rep range, that wont put enough load on the muscle for it to grow. 


High reps 12+ are great for your activation drills, learning a new exercise and feeling the muscle, BUT if you want your booty to grow, you need to load up the weight and start working in the 8-12 rep range.


This is to put stress on the muscle = booty growth


Step 3 - STOP the CARDIO 


Say what????


Thats right ladies (and gents), cardio can burn muscle for fuel. Meaning all of that hard work perfecting your peach can be wasted!!!!


Stick to short high intensity workouts if cardio is a must for you. 


Step 4 - EAT! 


When you want something to grow, you feed it right? 


This is the same with growing a bum. 


So ditch the 'diet' and start eating to grow that Tight Tooch! 


Need some help?


If you don’t know what to eat to make that booty grow or need some help with your booty programme, Awhina runs personal and group training sessions in Christchurch, as well as online training programmes. 


*Keep an eye out for our 'Perfect Your Peach' Workshops*



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