We've got an exciting one for you this month! The Booty Building specialists are here to give you some top tips PLUS a plan on getting the perfect booty in 30 days!


It only takes a quick scroll through Instagram to see that right now it’s all about the booty. Being strong and toned is sexy, and building a perky and round booty is key to getting that body.

But, our modern lifestyles of working in offices and driving cars has weakened our glute muscles, so it can be tricky to create a great booty; even if you’re a regular at the gym, you might still be disappointed with the speed and quality of your progress.

There is good news, though. Our comprehensive booty guide will teach you all about the largest muscle group in your body and show you how to build your dream booty in just 30 days.


Why Should You Build Your Booty?

A strong and toned booty looks great, but there are many other reasons to give your glutes lots of attention when you work out:

  • Protect your body from injuries – particularly in your lower back and knees
  • Increase your athletic ability to be stronger and faster
  • Burn more fat with a speedier metabolism


Build Your Booty in Two Steps

  1. Work out your glutes: Some exercises target the booty and activate those glutes much better than others, so make sure you’re choosing the correct activities when you work out.
  2. Take care of your nutrition: To see great results you need to eat the right diet for your goals. Get lots of protein to help build muscle, and keep an eye on your calorie intake to ensure you’re getting the right amount for your personal objectives. Click here for a free Booty Nutrition Guide which includes more than 50 healthy recipes and lots of helpful meal plans.


How to Work Those Glutes

A resistance band is a great tool for building a strong and beautiful booty. Why? A resistance band will help you achieve better results in a shorter time by increasing the amount of glute activation in every exercise.

The problem with standard resistance bands is that they are known to roll or even snap and break, which is why we recommend the BootyCo Booty Band. This band is designed specifically to work the booty and is extremely durable and comfortable to use. The Booty Band is also designed to focus solely on activating your glutes, so you can build a perky booty while keeping your thighs lean and bulk-free. The following exercises can be done without equipment, but if you’re serious about achieving your booty goals then you might want to try them with the Booty Band.

Depending on how long you’ve been exercising your glutes and how intense your workouts are, we recommend that you engage in these exercises between two and six times per week.


30 Day Training Plan to Build your Booty

Day 1-7: 10 reps per leg of each exercise

Day 8-15: 20 reps per leg of each exercise

Day 16- 22: 30 reps per leg of each exercise - add three pulses at the end of each rep

Day 22- 30: 40 reps per leg for each exercise - add six pulses at the end of each rep

If you want to feel more of a burn in your glutes, you can add pulses to your sessions. A pulse is when you reach full extension in an exercise and move the leg/foot/knee back and forth in small movements.




Other Great Glute Activators

  • Sumo squats
  • Hip thrusts
  • Lunges
  • Step ups onto a high box


Tips For Success

  • Track your progress by taking photos each week
  • Keep your protein consumption high
  • Activate your glutes with exercises that target the muscles at least five times per week, and push yourself to “feel the burn” during every session
  • Use a strong and durable resistance band such as the Booty Band when training your glutes to increase activation by as much as 400% and see better results faster!

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