Plant / Vegan Protein – What is it and what is all the hype about?!

Plant / Vegan Protein Powder - what is it and what is all the hype about?! 

Up until recently, the protein powder market was dominated by whey and casein forms of this sport supplement product. Few options were available for our vegan and dairy-free friends – and those few that did exist, were often flavourless and carried a gritty texture. In addition, consumers believed that plant protein was inferior to its whey and casein counterparts as they mistakenly assumed it provided a lower content of protein.


Skip forward to today and plant/vegan protein products are undoubtedly giving its whey and casein counterparts a run for their money. Even non-vegan consumers are jumping on the dairy free protein bandwagon and singing its praises.  So what’s led to this new trend? Can the benefits of plant protein match that of whey and casein protein powders? The answer is YES.


What is plant / vegan protein powder?

As the name suggests, plant protein powder is a sports supplement sourced from plants – vegetables and legumes in particular. It comes in many forms, however the most popular are powders derived from mung beans, brown rice, peas, pumpkin seeds and soy. Each form has a slightly different consistency; with mung bean powder and pea protein being free from any gritty texture, whilst powder sourced from rice provides a denser and more granular composure.


What are the benefits of plant / vegan protein powder?

No bloating

A common complaint people have about whey protein powder is regarding their difficulty digesting the product. This is likely due to its lactose content – resulting in flatulence and bloating. Unlike whey, plant protein is completely dairy free – meaning increased digestibility and a flatter stomach!

More environmentally friendly

The production of plant protein has far less harsh externalities, than those associated with animal protein – such as whey. Its production requires less land, water and produces only a fraction of the waste relative to protein powders derived from dairy.

Metabolism kicker

It is a well-known fact that plants are packed with fibre which keeps you both fuller for longer and aid in digestion. Due to its high fibre content coupled with the fact protein itself takes longer to digest, it takes a while for your body to digest the powder. The longer your body spends metabolising the protein, the more efficient your body becomes at burning excess fat.

Low in calories and low in carbohydrates
Whether you are managing your weight, on a keto diet or just after a low calorie snack – plant protein is a great option! The Limitless Empower Plant Protein blend contains only 113 calories and 2 grams of carbohydrates per serve – compare that to one cup of chopped chicken, costing you 231 calories, a simple swap will reduce your calorie intake by over half!

There are countless benefits to plant protein, with the points above only a snippet of what it has this amazing product has to offer! If consumed in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet, plant protein will be a great aid in your fitness journey!









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