The benefits of bone broth

With winter fast-approaching (we don't like it either), our team have been on the look out for healthy and warming recipes. One of our favourites is bone broth - a rich in protein soup/drink with a tonne of health benefits. We asked our team member Kate, who also runs her own business, to explain why bone broth is so good for you.

1. Joint protection

The chondroitin, sulfate, glutamine and other compounds in bone broth have been shown to help prevent osteoarthritis and are great for your joint care.

2. Immune support

The amino acids in the broth (glycine, arginine, and proline) help fight inflammation and inhibit infection. Chicken soup is more than just healing for your soul.

3. Stronger bones

The calcium, magnesium and phosphorous are great for your bones.

4. Better sleep

The glycine will help you sleep better and also help with your memory.

5. Healthy hair, skin and nails

The collagen in the cartilage helps the appearance of your skin, hair and nails. 

Read Kate's recipe here >