Have you ever wondered if Pre-Workout is really necessary? Unsure of the benefits?

I’ve got all the answers for you! 

What is Pre Workout?  

Pre-Workout, just as the name suggests, is a supplement you take prior to working out. It’s ingredients are designed to improve your performance, increasing your strength and mental focus. A Pre-Workout Supplement boosts your energy and endurance to ensure you get most out of your workout. 

Explosive Energy

Pre Workout gives you explosive energy to kick any workout in the butt! A key ingredient of Pre-Workout is caffeine which stimulates the central nervous system. The caffeine will assist in pushing you past your limits. Our Inspire Pre-Workout is the perfect option containing sufficient caffeine to give you that energy boost.  

Increased Performance and Endurance

Pre-Workout supplements contain a mix of ingredients that work together to increase your performance and endurance. Caffeine, of course, is a key element here but other components in Pre-Workout assist also. During a workout Tri-Creatine Malate synthesises in your muscle tissue which helps to give your muscles that extra energy, boosting your performance and endurance.

Builds and Maintains Muscle

Make sure you look for a Pre-Workout that contains amino acids. Branch chain amino acids such as Alanine and Tyrosine help with protein synthesis as they are the building blocks of protein. The aim is for protein synthesis to occur faster than protein breakdown so that you not only build but also maintain that muscle.  

Faster Recovery and Potential Weight Loss

Although you take Pre-Workout prior to exercising, it also has post workout benefits. L-Carnitine in Pre-Workout helps to speed up the muscle recovery process as it is absorbed rapidly into your body. It also has the potential to help with weight loss as L-Carnitine transports fatty acids into your cells so they can be burned quickly for energy.                 

Ingredients vary depending on the Pre-Workout supplement. This is based on our Limitless Supplements Inspire Pre-Workout.

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