Empower Natural Whey Protein Blend


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Limitless Empower Natural Whey Protein Blend is a smooth and creamy high protein powder. The cocoa beans in our indulgent Dutch Chocolate flavour are grown and harvested in West Africa shipped to Holland and are then carefully refined into a rich dark cocoa powder. The ingredients in Vanilla Ice Cream,  all come from the corners of the globe to bring together the two of the best natural flavours the world has to offer.

Our intention was to create a product that was natural in flavour, colour and sweetener, but also low in calories and carbohydrates but high in protein. Each 38g serve is sourced from 100% grass-fed New Zealand cows, free from genetically modified organisms, and produced and manufactured to the highest of New Zealand's food health and safety standards. Try the Limitless Empower Natural Whey Protein Blend for a product with a distinctly clean, green New Zealand touch.



 - 27g protein per serve

- Natural flavours

- Natural colours

- Naturally sweetened

- Whey Protein Concentrate sourced from 100% grass fed New Zealand Cows

- Gluten free


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