Limitless Smart Shaker - 600ml

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The Limitless smart shaker is a 3 compartment, easy to use, drinking vessel, allowing the user to house 1 - 2 servings worth of dry product in the first compartment, whilst storing daily essential vitamins and minerals in its second compartment. The main, wet goods compartment boasts 600mls of volume to allow the user to drink with ease. The Limitless smart shaker comes with a mesh upper filter to ensure the final drinking experience is clump free. Additionally added on is light weight, heavy duty carribena to allow the user to clip the shaker where need be.




- 600ml in volume

- 3 compartment shaker

- Compartment 1: main drinking compartment

- Compartment 2: vitamins & minerals compartment 

- Compartment 3: dry goods compartment (protein, pre workout or post workout)

- Added carribena 


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